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In 2017 Recruit Action created a unique company association called “R-Club.” The club’s purpose is to recognize and celebrate the hard work and success of the Recruit Action team members. We asked the Recruit Action Partners and employees a few questions about the R-Club and why they feel it matters in today’s competitive business environment.


Why did you create R-Club? 


A:  R-Club allows us to spoil our team and attract new talent. Each year we plan a memorable all-expenses-paid trip for team members that meet specific performance goals. We select a beautiful beach location and fly them out to connect and recognize their commitment to the company. We all work during this time, so we demonstrate that working at Recruit Action is an enjoyable and exciting endeavor.



A:  We are always looking at ways to improve the Recruit Action experience for our employees and create events that bring the team closer on a personal level. I feel we need to acknowledge the value of our employees and celebrate their success individually and as a team. The new generations of employees are not only seeking a good salary. They are looking for a community. They want to have fun and be recognized, which is why we implemented R-Club.


What do you hope to accomplish with the R-Club?


A: I want R-Club to create more synergy within our team. R-Club helps us get to know each other more personally outside of a working environment. Being a self-managed company, our employees play a significant role in its growth, making it essential to have great synergy. Sports teams don’t win championships with just talent. They win because of the chemistry between their players, so it is important to create events outside of the working space to foster this chemistry.


What does R-Club mean to you?


A:  R-Club is the opportunity of a lifetime. To be able to say that my employer is bringing us on vacation to celebrate our hard work is a privilege. We are the 1% of companies that offer this amazing benefit.


MARYSE LAVERDIÈRE | Recruitment Specialist

A: R-Club is what inspires us to continually push ourselves and our goals. We are so fortunate to enjoy these amazing trips, create incredible memories, and get to know our colleagues in a different light.


What has been the impact of the R-Club?


A: Results always go up after R-Club. The positive boost from R-Club helps the team recharge so they are prepared for the next challenge. R-Club also has a significant impact on our relationships. Although much of our work is completed individually, everyone is more focused on helping each other, and you feel the team pushing each other to succeed.


MARIE-HÉLÈNE PAQUIN | HR & Recruitment Advisor

A: It makes me value myself as an employee, and it makes me want to work hard for the company which I consider my work family. It is very motivating to know that your hard work and contribution are appreciated and rewarded.


MARYSE LAVERDIÈRE | Recruitment Specialist

A:  An employer doesn’t have to take his employees on trips to dream places, but Recruit Action does. The trip positively impacted me and strengthened my appreciation and motivation to be a part of this team for the long term.



A: Since we implemented R-Club, we’ve created unforgettable memories with our team, and we have seen other firms follow our lead. I was incredibly proud when I overheard an employee talking about R-Club to another passenger on the plane. When your team member is excited about what they are doing with your company, you are thrilled to have that person on your team.

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