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Tailored Services for Emerging Businesses.

Small businesses have distinctive needs that require a personalized touch. In the dynamic business landscape, we understand the challenges emerging small businesses face, especially in finding the right talent. Conventional recruiting narratives often need to meet independent organizations’ unique and evolving needs. Recruit Action supports diverse companies’ long-term development and success by offering tailored services and cost-effective solutions.

Larger recruiting firms often prioritize high-volume placements and have standardized processes that might not align with small businesses’ specific needs and scale. Recruit Action values the potential of growing organizations, regardless of their size. Every business can benefit from expert recruiting assistance that empowers them to grow faster and stronger. Our approach at Recruit Action centers around strong client relationships and personalized solutions that contribute to the dynamic growth of small companies.

Domenic Calcara, owner and CEO of Recruit Action, says, “Small companies do not always have a dedicated recruitment team; most of the time, the CEO takes care of recruitment. The average time to hire a person is forty-four days. For us, it’s our job. We handle recruitment and present the candidates, which requires 3 to 4 hours of the client’s time. We take care of securing the selected candidate and saving our client’s valuable time.”

Recruit Action’s small business recruiting services provide invaluable support by streamlining the hiring process. We are dedicated to efficiently finding the best-fit candidates, minimizing the impact on daily operations. The real value lies in acquiring top talent that significantly contributes to long-term business development and positive company culture. Our targeted approach reduces the need for extensive advertising, further contributing to cost savings. There are key long-term benefits of having a skilled and dedicated team:

Expertise: We bring specialized knowledge and expertise in finding talent tailored to the unique needs of small businesses.

Time Savings: By handling the time-consuming aspects of recruiting, we allow owners and managers to focus on running their organization.

Access to Talent: Our extensive network and resources provide independent companies access to a pool of qualified candidates they may not reach through traditional hiring methods.

For small business owner Stéphane Dufour of Les Services Financiers – Stéphane Dufour, tailored recruitment solutions enable him to act with a mind toward future potential and keep pace with competitors on a larger scale. “Recruit Action allows us to have access to recruitment services of the same quality that large companies benefit from with their respective departments. I have already recommended Recruit Action to other small businesses,” says Stephane.

Concrete data backs Recruit Action’s commitment to efficiency. On average, our clients experience a reduction in time-to-hire by over 50%. One of our valued clients, Myriam Blanchet with MPA Avantages Sociaux, affirms the benefits of dedicated recruitment support for her business. “By delegating the recruitment process, I could focus on my field of expertise. Compared to my past attempts at self-recruiting, the investment avoided wasted time and costly mistakes, promoting efficiency and growth,” explains Myriam.

We significantly reduce advertising costs through access to our internal applicant tracking system and various job boards. Our streamlined process includes screening resumes, conducting phone and video conference interviews, vetting references, and background checks. Our client training approach ensures hiring managers and candidates are well-prepared for successful interactions. All of these contribute to an accelerated hiring timeline and long-term cost-effectiveness for small businesses.

Domenic says of his experience working with recruitment services, “Before 2016, I was responsible for looking after accounts receivable at the firm where I worked. The task took half my time when my expertise was in recruitment. I could double the firm’s revenue once I outsourced that task. Speaking from my own experience, I advise leaving it to the experts.”

At Recruit Action, personalized attention, expertise, and efficient processes can propel small organizations toward rapid and sustainable growth. If you’re an emerging business seeking to build a stellar team, it might be time to call us. Together, let’s navigate the evolving professional landscape and shape a future of success tailored just for you.

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