Our path was shaped by crisis, conviction, and balance.

François Paiement
Domenic Calcara
Vice President

It’s no surprise that Recrute Action Inc. was launched a year after the global financial crisis. Despite losing his job and welcoming his firstborn in less than a year, Founding Partner, Francois Paiement, sought a path to provide new opportunities and balance in his own life and the lives of others. 

Confident that IT recruiting would rebound, he collaborated with former colleague and Partner Domenic Calcara to build a dynamic company devoted to balancing personal and company commitments while delivering exceptional results.

In 2009, Francois launched the company with a strong focus on Information Technology. After two years, Domenic joined the Recrute Action family as a partner and a father of his adopted child. He concentrated on developing the Clerical Division while Francois began forging relationships with notable companies.

After twelve years, Domenic and Francois have built Recrute Action into an influential company with permanent directives with leading companies across Canada. The partners are grateful for the opportunity to blend their passion for helping others with their work and offer their employees and the candidates the same work-life balance they desired in their own lives.

Kristyn Oleskewycz
Recruitment Director
Kristyn is a goal-oriented Director in the recruitment industry who brings nearly five years of industry experience to the Recrute Action team. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and specializes in recruiting for Finance, Customer Service, Administration, HR, Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Disability, and Claims Management. Kristyn delivers a personalized approach that consistently makes the recruitment process pleasant and successful. Outside work, she loves reading, personal development, exercise, outdoor activities, cooking, and travel.
Steven Legault-Queen
Recruitment Specialist
Steven is a driven Recruitment Specialist with more than ten years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has a master’s degree in business administration and a background in preventative health and human performance. Steven is passionate about helping candidates develop their careers and strengthen client teams. When not working, he enjoys training, reading books about business and health, competing in triathlons, and travel.
Marie-Hélène Paquin
HR & Recruitment Advisor
Marie-Hélène is a seasoned Recruitment Advisor focused on building lasting customer relationships. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Ottawa and over fifteen years of experience in recruitment, communications, and administration. As the mother of two children, Marie- Hélène has mastered a natural approach to strengthening interpersonal relationships in her personal and professional life. In her spare time, she likes life outdoors, CrossFit training, reading, and being with friends.
Maryse Laverdière
Recruitment Specialist
Maryse Laverdière is a multitalented Recruiter that specializes in management, administration, insurance, and finance. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and over five years of experience in the industry. After more than ten years of customer service experience, Maryse has developed a talent for delivering sound advice and unparalleled service. When not helping her clients, she enjoys training, skiing, hiking, camping, and a good movie.
Whalid Boukhelifa
IT Recruitment Specialist
Whalid is an experienced IT Recruitment Specialist with a deep understanding of organizational challenges. His openness, sincerity, and proven ability to surpass expectations have enabled him to build an impressive network in the IT sector. Whalid quickly identifies the best candidates for the position using innovative and effective sourcing techniques, so companies limit idleness. His passion for technology and personable approach has made him a valuable member of the Recruit Action team. Outside of work, Whalid enjoys nature, e-sports, and Taekwondo.