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A Personalized Approach Makes a Difference.

Annie Fortin has learned that genuine interpersonal connections shape a meaningful and successful career.  The lesson began when she worked at the prominent Quebec fitness center Nautilus Plus.  Annie was just starting her career, but already her schedule was packed with her job and  studying Human Resources Management at University.  At the end of her studies, Annie wanted an internship to help transition her into the industry.  She mentioned her internship goal to a client she had signed up at Nautilus Plus, who happened to be a corporate recruiter that worked closely with Recruit Action.  The client knew Recruit Action was expanding its team, so she introduced Annie to Partner Domenic Calcara.

Annie and Domenic met for a lunch meeting, and she was impressed by his personable nature and human approach to recruiting. However, Annie says, “I was unsure if I wanted to join a recruitment firm because I was afraid of being tagged in the staffing sector.” Domenic recognized her talents and understood her concerns, so he offered a tailored position that merged her desire to develop herself as a Generalist while meeting Recruit Action’s needs. Annie says, “I appreciated his open-mindedness, sincere collaboration, and simplicity so I completed my internship with the team and stayed with Recruit Action for about a year.” Recruit Action became the company where Annie officially started her second career in what she calls her “true domain.”

After Recrute Action, Annie transitioned to Human Resource Advisor roles. First at the municipal level, within the City of Mascouche, then into professional services within the renowned Quebec law firm, Langlois. Each new position expanded Annie’s skillset and prepared her for her current role with CAA-Quebec.  As a Human Resources Business Partner, she helps internal clients with various human resource needs, such as attracting, mobilizing, developing, and retaining talent to achieve business objectives.

Despite departing Recruit Action years ago, Annie has maintained a lasting relationship with the company. “I have always been in contact with them, first because they are lovely, and second because I call on the team to help me with various recruitment mandates,” says Annie. She believes Recruit Action will always be a valuable contact, quality partner, and collaborator that she can count on.  When asked to describe Recruit Action in three words, Annie offered: simplicity, friendliness, and efficiency.  She says, “They take charge, understand the market, and say the ‘real things.’ Collaborating with the team is always enjoyable, and we are confident we will get results when we mandate Recruit Action to help us.”

Annie feels the personalized approach makes the company different from other recruiting firms. “They are genuinely interested in their clients, want to know them well, and understand the mandates,” says Annie. She feels that Recruit Action shares the same desire to establish long-term relationships, and it shows every step of the process. Prioritizing relationships is what Recruit Action does with its clients and employees. Annie says, “When we work with them, it feels like we are accompanied by people who appreciate each other, making collaboration fun and easy!” When you focus on developing meaningful relationships, people know you value human beings.  And when human beings feel valued, they show up and are willing to help however they can.  The shared values and mutually beneficial rapport makes Annie Fortin and Recruit Action genuine partners.

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