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Darlah Dorval, Human Resources and Social Media Coordinator.

Darlah Dorval likes how no two days at work are the same at Recruit Action. Darlah is Recruit Action’s Human Resources and Social Networks Coordinator, and she enjoys the wide range of activities the job entails. Her responsibilities include integrating new employees, validating candidates’ professional records, and managing the company’s online presence. “I appreciate the diversity of my responsibilities. What’s more, I like that I can share my ideas and initiate new projects on my own,” says Darlah.

Her interest in human resources began with a college diploma in International Hotel Management from the Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. Darlah was intrigued by logistics and professional development, so she went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in human resources at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Darlah set her sights on working for a recruitment agency, and when she found Recruit Action, their open-mindedness and unique business philosophy blew her away. Upon taking the position,  Darlah connected with how Recruit Action adopts a flexible approach to its working methods and promotes open and transparent communication for the whole team. “Recruit Action stands out for its diversity and commitment to inclusion. It is committed to embracing change rather than resisting it,” Darlah explains.

Working at Recruit Action, Darlah feels valued and motivated to contribute to the company’s overall success because they support her at work and in her personal life. “Recruit Action has a culture based on collaboration. We have the best team cohesion and a positive professional environment. Employees are there for each other at every stage, whether it is in or out of the office,” says Darlah.

In particular, Darlah is grateful for how Recruit Action promotes employees’ personal development with the help of a certified coach. Through the support of a knowledgeable coach, Darlah is improving her understanding of her career path and observing the positive impact of coaching on the collective development of a team. Extra measures like this make Recruit Action truly unique for Darlah: “Recruit Action is not a typical company. It stands out from the crowd, and this is reflected in its fun work philosophy and value of work-life balance. I love how there is a playful approach to the daily routine. It encourages me to continually look for ways to bring joy and fun into my job while promoting innovation.”

Looking to the future, Darlah hopes to pass on the company’s conscientious and motivational outlook to others. “I aim to become an inspirational leader at Recrute Action, drawing on the charisma of Domenic Calcara and Kristyn Oleskewycz to excel in my job and shape my professional future.”

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