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You matter—more than you know.

Maryse Laverdiere became a Recruiting Specialist for Recruit Action because she loves working with people. She studied Human Resources at University and started working for a company as an Assistant to a Human Resources Manager shortly after graduating. Maryse quickly learned that interacting with people and the thrill of finding someone a meaningful job made her efforts purposeful. She had worked as a waitress during college and valued her conversations with clients. She feels her customer service helped her develop interpersonal skills and a passion for helping people. After working five years in the recruiting industry, she has learned why candidates matter more than they may know.

The current job market heavily favors candidates. The past economic uncertainty the pandemic created made employees re-assess their careers and, more specifically, their current job. While struggling businesses laid-off workers, the thought-provoking shift towards career intentions has created a flood of resignations. Now, with society returning to a sense of “normalcy” and employees exiting their make-shift remote work environment to return to the office, more and more workers are re-evaluating their position and considering other opportunities. Consequently, businesses owners are worried the employee exodus will create ripples that will lead to recruiting bottlenecks that will stress their organization.

Maryse believes it is essential for candidates seeking a job or considering a job transition to understand how much they matter to a potential company. She feels that applicants understand that businesses are seeking suitable employees. However, many do not realize that they can negotiate what they want or need to accept a new position. Candidates now receive many more calls than ever, and they have the clout to ask valuable questions that can make their potential job more appealing. Maryse feels the following considerations are vital for candidates to consider when beginning their process:

  1. Do Your Research | job seekers need to research the current market demand, median salary, work conditions, and current employee perspectives. Marketplace and company awareness helps candidates consider all factors to make an informed decision.
  2. Make Reasonable Requests | Candidates who request too much might risk losing a precious opportunity. Create a clear idea of what is reasonable and valuable to you once you have completed your analysis. Make sure your “ask” is within the realm of your genuine worth and what the market currently represents.
  3. Demonstrate Motivation for Growth | Most companies seek employees interested in growing with the organization. Try not to look at the job as filling a void. Instead, view it is as an opportunity for personal growth and development within the organization and communicate your intentions clearly to your potential employer.
  4. Be Flexible | Beginning a new job with a company should be mutually beneficial. So your ability to adapt to specific requests expresses a genuine commitment to the organization’s growth and your development within it. For example, you might want to work remotely, but your potential manager might feel not having you in the office can hinder growth. So work towards a mutually agreeable arrangement that makes both you and your potential employer feel comfortable and appreciated.

Maryse’s work begins with a conversation to properly understand the person, their capabilities, and needs. She firmly believes that “It’s always about respecting the person and understanding who they are.” Making an authentic connection with the person is important because taking a new job is a critical life decision. Maryse has found that some people are unfamiliar with the process and feel uncomfortable with her approach. They only want to focus on the job, the salary, and the benefits. But Maryse feels, “Candidates need to realize the more I can understand who the “person” is, the more likely I can find a job where they grow and thrive.” A person’s personality is just as important as their experience, education, and skills. Most employees spend eight or more hours a day working, so job placement is a significant part of a person’s lifetime. A position that fits a person’s character will be a job that will ultimately improve every aspect of their existence.

Maryse is excited about the current job market because she feels that now, more than ever, candidates have more choices to find proper placements that fit with their lifestyles. She lets candidates take the lead to understand what works best for them. But she feels it is a collaboration that requires clear communication and honesty. She recommends that candidates ask her and the potential employer many questions to make a genuine connection. The ultimate objective is not simply a job but a complete package that includes a positive culture, authentic co-workers, infinite growth potential, valued benefits, and a lasting work-life balance.

Please contact Maryse if you are interested in discussing your career or learning how she can help you find your ideal position.

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