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When working with people, Maxime Bouvrette has always had a proactive approach, quite literally. Maxime was born in Laval and moved to Quebec City to study kinesiology at Laval University. With this degree, he became a physical activity and fitness professional. For seven years, Maxime worked as a Kinesiologist for various clients, from tennis athletes to older adults. His work’s core focus was to assist individuals by preventing and rehabilitating physical injuries. People were always at the center of Maxime’s work, and his ability to help someone by anticipating their needs motivated his practice. “I was continuously the one that helped people. I tend to understand a person’s reality well,” says Maxime.

Maxime connected with Recruit Action through his friend Steven Legault-Queen, also a Kinesiologist, before joining the company. Maxime and his wife wanted to return to Laval and start a family, so he was looking for a position to enable them to return to the city. Steven and Maxime spoke about the transition from kinesiology to recruiting. In the conversation, Maxime learned that recruitment requires many of the same skills necessary for his previous profession. He realized that an exceptional recruiter possessed vital communication skills and could read people well. In the fitness industry, Maxime experienced how communication and understanding empowered him to provide better treatment. “Kinesiology was a great training ground for recruiting because, in both fields, you have a short timeframe to create a genuine connection and help the person achieve their goals,” says Maxime. Shortly after his conversation with Steven, Maxime began the process of joining Recruit Action.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Maxime uses his human-focused framework to link potential candidates with exceptional companies. The same intuitive skills that made Maxime an excellent Kinesiologist have helped him develop into a valuable team member at Recruit Action. Maxime’s peers say that he is always motivating, available, and ready to assist candidates throughout the recruitment process. The appreciation is mutual. “Many companies in the recruiting industry make you feel like a number. Getting to know the Recruit Action team, I got the feeling they focus on moving beyond the number to be a human that can change the life of another human. This is what stuck with me and why I applied for the position,” explains Maxime.

Since joining Recruit Action a year and a half ago, Maxime values the enterprising ethos to make real improvements in recruitment. Recruit Action aims to make the process easier for the candidate and the client with holistic expertise and dialogue. In Maxime’s experience, everyone on the team focuses on improving their industry knowledge to boost their ability to support others. He attributes Recruit Action’s success to its human-centered approach. He says, “The whole company is clearly centered around the human experience. We have a particular methodology that everyone commits to. It makes all the difference in how we do our job and helps people change their lives.”

Maxime looks forward to continuing to learn more about the recruitment industry and growing with the company. He plans to build a network of clients and candidates to facilitate their advancement and long-term growth. It is clear that even though Maxime no longer works in fitness, his sense of action is only getting stronger.

Please contact us if you want to speak to Maxime about how he can help you find the best candidates for your business.

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