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Annie Trudel, Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Newsletter readers might recall our June partner profile with Annie Trudel, discussing her career at Ria Money Transfer and her partnership with Recruit Action. Six months later, we returned to another feature with Annie Trudel, now a team member at Recruit Action!

Annie joined the team in September as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and has since enjoyed learning the ropes of recruitment and bringing her 20+ years of experience in customer service to the company. Annie was first connected with Recruit Action through partner Domenic in 2018 when they met at the gym. Annie and Domenic realized they sponsored gym activities for their respective businesses and bonded on their shared passions. “I thought it was a good idea to connect and learn about their business. Domenic and I became great friends and business collaborators”, says Annie.

At the time, Annie managed HR and operations at RIA Money Transfer, wearing many hats as she oversaw the company’s substantial human operations. Recruit Action helped fill candidate positions for Ria Money Transfer. As their client, Annie valued Recruit Action’s dynamic approach to recruitment. “They were always professional, listened to our needs to make sure to find a candidate who was exactly what we were looking for,” says Annie.

The same values that Annie respected as a client inspired her desire to work at Recruit Action. Annie states, “It was a big decision to leave a company I worked with for over twenty years. As their client, I was inspired by how Recruit Action’s team shared activities and supported each other. Those strong relationships are what convinced me. I wanted to work for a company where the human aspect is there on a day-to-day basis.” Annie enjoys Recruit Action’s focus on teamwork and embracing diversity. “Within the team, there are a myriad of different backgrounds, but you feel appreciated and part of a network that listens. It is a fun environment to work in. It pushes you to perform better, meet and exceed expectations,” says Annie.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Annie appreciates interacting with candidates and building relationships. “To find the best candidates and get them to follow you from interview to offer, creating bonds based on confidence and communication is important. We help them throughout every step of the process and maintain the relationship even after a candidate is hired,” says Annie. She embraces the challenges of a new field and the opportunity to learn recruiting skills from her colleagues. “Kristyn and Domenic have such great real-life experiences to empower us. All my colleagues have their approach and expertise; it is rewarding to gain knowledge from every individual to improve my process,” says Annie.

Recruit Action benefits equally from the wealth of expertise Annie brings to the team. Alongside her understanding of the financial sector and its technical knowledge, Annie brings the insight of being a former client and manager. “Having been on the other side of our work as a client, I can put myself in the shoes of a manager or business owner and filter the ideal candidates,” says Annie. Her strength as a recruiter also lies in her ability to develop authentic client partnerships. “In my previous job, I developed the capacity to make people feel comfortable when talking to them. Sometimes the recruiting world can be fast-paced, so building partnerships based on trust is essential to best support the candidate,” says Annie.

It is exciting for Annie to be part of a company that she can help build and evolve in new ways, “There are lots of new projects we can do and clients we can create relationships with. Recruit Action has an incredible ability to learn from the entire team and listen to each employee in the company.” For Annie, the core value behind Recruit Action’s propensity for evolution is the human element guiding all the work. “Many companies put their values in big letters on a wall, but they are just words. At Recruit Action, you are more than just an employee”. They want employees to have work/life balance, to thrive in all aspects of their life; it is Recruit Action’s biggest strength,” says Annie.

In 2024, Annie anticipates growing with Recruit Action and supporting new projects. “Recruit Action has significant initiatives coming with the new year, like our expansion into the United States market. The team has been working hard to elevate our services, and I look forward to helping Recruit Action progress and achieve goals,” says Annie.

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