The business of humanity.

11 November 2021

Human connection is one of the most significant and undervalued human needs.  Research has proven that children who do not have secure attachments are more at risk of developing disorders, suffer from poor self-esteem, and have difficulty developing healthy relationships.  While our familial bonds design our early development, the authenticity of the rapports we form throughout our life shape our professional well-being.

Author and self-help pioneer Paul J. Meyer once stated that “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” How we communicate shapes the foundation for our relationships and the potential for healthy growth. In addition, our interactions with others are vital to acquiring knowledge, understanding emotions, and solving problems, essential skills required to live and work in society.

Recruit Action’s owners, Francois Paiement, Domenic Calcara, and Kristyn Oleskewycz, have learned the value of human connection throughout their education and careers.  One of Francois’s first jobs was selling kitchen knives door-to-door.  The countless front porch conversations taught him the importance of knowing who a person is before helping a person buy what they need. Likewise, Domenic’s early career began with positions that required constant personal connection. Whether waiting tables, providing call center customer service, or managing a movie theater, Domenic focused on building trust, unity, and loyalty through healthy client relationships.  Kristyn has concentrated her entire career path on Human Resources Management.   From her University studies to her five years in the Recruitment industry, Kristyn feels a personalized approach is essential to making the recruitment process friendly and effective for everyone involved.

Francois, Domenic, and Kristyn feel a human approach is vital to Recruit Action’s success.  They believe recruiting is about developing relationships to help guide people’s lives.  Each step of the recruiting process relies on crucial personal exchanges to understand the candidate and company to initiate a successful union.  To Recruit Action’s owners, a candidate and company cannot forge a prosperous partnership if the relationship between the recruitment specialist is not genuine.

Finding or switching jobs is one of the most stressful processes in a person’s life.  Research reveals that the strain triggered by a job change is similar to the anxiety experienced during a move or a divorce.  To Francois and Domenic, a consistent human approach is paramount to alleviating the worry caused by the uncertainty of a change.  In-person meetings, phone calls, video conferences help recruitment specialists understand their client’s needs and provide the vital support necessary to make the process agreeable. Additionally, the consistent follow-up and coaching before and after a position is secured lets candidates and companies know that Recruit Action is committed to a lasting bond. Finally, to Francois and Domenic,  a successful candidate and company pairing empower people to reduce debt, grow their family, and design a better life.

Canada has added over 1.2 million jobs over the past few months, and the demand for candidates will grow in the new year.  Companies are desperate to fill their positions to meet production demands, increase productivity, and reduce operational gaps.  Some businesses are already using AI to accelerate their search and placement processes.  But the speed of transactional automation, such as emails and text messages, cannot replace human connection’s intrinsic and lasting value.  Roman philosopher and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca once stated, “Only relationships are important for a person.” Francois, Domenic, and Kristyn’s approach to recruiting emulate Seneca’s wise words.  Whether you’re raising a child, selling knives, or seeking the right candidate for a job, you form authentic personal attachments that create positive outcomes when you practice a human approach.

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The business of humanity.