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The reason why Tansley tells our story.

We all have a story that gives meaning to our life. Our tales begin with birth and end with death. In between, our environment, actions, and the people we meet shape who we are and how they remember us. The experiences that shape our lives help us understand ourselves and connect authentically with others.

Over the past year, we have worked closely with a Montreal-based digital marketing firm called Tansley to curate and tell our story. What began as a casual conversation focused on our humble beginnings and values evolved into a clear intention to be a genuine, vulnerable, and 100% human-focused company. Over the past year, our underlying intent has translated into a new identity, website, newsletter, and numerous posts on our social media platforms. Recruit Action Partner Domenic Calcara states, “First, Tansley improved our web presence with a chic look and then created a strategy that got us closer to our valued network.” Each item we share consistently offers insights about our story, including our early stages, personal challenges, lessons learned, team triumphs, and valued partners.

Our collaboration with Tansley has helped us understand how vital authentic storytelling is to our identity. Sharing personal information about who we are and what we believe strengthened our focus, integrity, business methodology, and relationships with our team. We have learned that communicating our story helps foster lasting bonds with our customers. When we began speaking with Tansley about how a human approach is central to our business, Creative Strategist Erahm Christopher stated, “It is critical that every interaction you have with your candidates, clients, and potential customers feels authentic. And the company must consistently share real stories of people representing your brand that deliver the human-focused approach.” Embracing our story has taught our team the value of vulnerability. Sharing is uncomfortable for most people. However, our experience cultivates empathy and mindfulness, strengthens connections, and ultimately makes us human.

For months, we’ve published articles crafted by Tansley from the perspective of our diverse organizational stakeholders. Each publication expresses insight and perspective from our owners, candidates, corporate clients, strategic partners, employees, and even their spouses. The interviews and articles have helped us foster a critical understanding of the heart and soul of our organization. Our concentration on broadening our awareness of our team, candidates, clients, and partners has helped improve our human approach and ability to provide better-recruiting services. The process has also heightened our ability to listen to each other. Not see, hear, feel, and truly understand what connects us. Tansley’s story-focused approach has brought us closer together, improved our office culture, and prepared us to embrace unforeseen challenges. Taking the time to listen and understand our team’s well-being supports the foundation of Recruit Action because each human story reminds us why it is imperative never to lose sight of what makes a company great:  the people.

Our Partners have gained valuable knowledge and experience working for companies before forming Recruit Action. In many cases, they observed how many companies prioritize accomplishing tasks over developing people. The experience taught them that disregarding the value of employee and customer relationships can damage a company’s longevity. We believe humans build companies to provide products and services to humans, so the most powerful way to connect to customers is by being human.

Human beings long to be connected with things that genuinely represent who they are and what they believe. Our emotional connection to stories makes us feel a part of something greater than ourselves. Award-winning business communication specialist Miti Ampoma once stated, “The bedrock of a great business is based on human capital, and that capital is built on human relationships.” The relationships we have developed through sharing our stories make Recruit Action what it is today.

We are grateful for our relationship with Tansley and their efforts to communicate stories demonstrating the importance of authentic human connections. Calcara states, “I’ve had candidates for internal positions who read our blogs to get to know us better and then decide to come and meet us. I love how sharing our stories has made people want to connect with us and learn more.” We believe more companies should explore this process with Tansley because it would help companies understand the value of making their approach to business more human. We are excited to continue our work with Tansley. We hope sharing our story continues to help our employees, candidates, clients and collaborators understand why prioritizing meaningful human connections is essential to everything we do.

To learn more about our partner Tansley, we invite you to visit their website

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