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Marc-André Ranger intends to make it easier for international candidates to work in Canada. A paralegal by trade, Marc-André has worked in the immigration field for over twenty years helping businesses and investors relocate to Canada. Now he works with companies like Recruit Action to facilitate the successful arrival and onboarding of the best talent from around the world.

Marc-André began his career working for an immigration law firm, where he learned that paralegals complete most of the work before lawyers review it. He loved working with the diverse clientele and the administrative law’s flexibility. He immediately recognized that he could develop a solid career in the sector, and before long, he launched his practice.

Marc-André’s experience as a law firm partner made him realize he wanted to focus on the tech sector and use technology to improve immigration procedures. In addition, he felt an automated solution utilizing current technology could make it easier and more affordable for his clients to complete various applications. So after selling his shares to his partner, Marc-André started a new company and created a system that utilizes artificial intelligence and customer relationship management software so clients can input their information. As a result, his innovative program reduced the back-and-forth exchanges, streamlined the application process, and dramatically lowered the client’s costs. For example, a traditional immigration law firm charges between $2,500 – $6,000 to obtain a work permit. Marc-André’s company can process the same paperwork for roughly $750, enabling him to help more clients and provide a more affordable solution.

Marc-André believes international candidates have many opportunities but must understand the current reality. “Canada is receptive to immigration, but the competition is high, so candidates must ensure they carefully prepare their resume and approach,” says Marc-André. It is a lengthy and costly process for employers that requires many resources to ensure seamless international employee integration. Employers and recruiters have several thousand applicants; therefore, Marc-André feels candidates must spend time making sure to present themselves in the best way possible. In addition, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression, which matters most to recruiters and companies.

Marc-André is currently using his expertise to help Recruit Action bring the best international talent to Canada. He’s known Recruit Action Partner Francois Paiement since they attended Cegep together. However, they did not reconnect until a coincidental encounter in Montreal a few years ago. At the time, international recruitment was not in demand. Yet, the recent shortage of skilled applicants has inspired Recruit Action to look closer at the global candidate pool. “Recruit Action is well-established in the local market, and they have a clear vision for how they want to expand, and they are putting the time in to do it,” stated Marc-André. The two friends are thrilled to be working together on a shared mission that helps Canadian companies provide new opportunities to qualified individuals worldwide.

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