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In our February blog “Your situation will change,” we highlighted how personal trainer Tom Begue crafted a virtual exercise program for our employees during the Covid lockdown. It’s been over two years since we started, and our group still gathers each week for remote sessions. So we thought we would interview Tom to discover how his process creates success for our team.

Tom is a physical therapist and a personal trainer with a passion for progress. He met Partner Domenic Calcara at the gym several years ago, and he’s been coaching him ever since. Domenic learned that Tom shares the same passion for helping people progress as Recruit Action. It is not just about achieving a weight loss or marathon goal for Tom, just like it is not only about simply finding a job for a Candidate to us. Instead, we are passionate about helping people progress and grow in ways they might not have thought possible. Specifically, Tom focuses on restoring a person’s athleticism to engage in activities they love and be the best version of themselves. For one person, it could be recovering from an injury so they can jump again, and for another, it could be training to run farther. Ultimately, he helps build his clients’ confidence to move regularly and often, just as we prepare our candidates for job interviews and transitions.

Tom and Recruit Action share a strong belief that humans thrive off progress and growth. However, the demands of life and the size of our challenges can sometimes dissuade us from moving forward. For example, Tom states that some clients might say, “I don’t do that, or I’ve never done that before.” But these types of responses motivate Tom to help clients step back, re-evaluate the challenge, recognize the blocks to progress, break it down into smaller parts, and begin small; the same effective strategy that Recruit Action utilizes when facing unforeseen obstacles. For example, when the Covid pandemic hit, the Partners needed to find a way to engage and energize the team from afar. Contacting Tom and discussing the obstacles helped design a solution based on small manageable sessions to build the team’s strength and connection over time.

After nearly three years of group activity and engagement, the strategy has produced incredible personal growth and team progress. Tom sees the benefits of the process every time he connects with the Recruit Action Team. Even though he only helps with workout sessions, he sees how they’ve fostered lasting personal bonds that impact how they work together. Tom says, “The workouts created a strong sense of community and shared achievement that makes everyone feel good together.”

At Recruit Action, we feel progress and growth increase with solid collaboration. Tom’s work with our team has led to a mutually beneficial relationship that we intend to cultivate. He thrives on being a part of his client’s achievement and growth, so watching our team develop a shared commitment towards each other’s health, happiness, and personal development signifies success to Tom.

If you are interested in learning more about Tom and the services he offers, please email him using the following address:

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