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Gerry Gomez is a multitalented Managing Director and Associate at HLC Talent. Born and raised in Montreal, Gerry speaks four languages fluently, has coached high-level hockey, and has twenty years of experience in the recruiting industry. He began his career in recruiting as a Resource Development Manager at CNC Global, eventually moved into the consulting space with Accenture, and then freelanced for a period before acquiring HLC Talent with a partner.

Everything about people and the people business appeals to Gerry. Whether coaching candidates, companies, or a hockey team, he believes connecting with people is vital. Gerry focused on recruiting because “it offers the opportunity to make an authentic connection with people and to help them live their best life.” He finds purpose and value in helping candidates grow their careers, earn more money, find work-life balance, and ultimately find the best job.

Gerry learned a lot about working and guiding people by coaching Midget AAA hockey. Gerry says, “any good recruiter should always be thinking about coaching candidates and helping them walk away with an experience that they know more than when they first connected.” Gerry’s experience coaching hockey made him understand how critical the team concept is to recruit and build an effective and efficient team of employees for a company. “You’re assessing attitude, skills, and capabilities and thinking about whether you would hire them on your team,” states Gerry. Teamwork, integrity, and excellence are the characteristics Gerry values most in a team player, and his ability to find candidates possessing these traits make Gerry an asset to his clients.

Gerry met Recruit Action Partners, Domenic, and Francois, at a company called CNC Global several years ago. “I saw that Frank had the right skill set, and I took him from Domenic’s team and brought him into the IT side,” states Gerry. When Francois launched Recruit Action, Gerry helped him set up an Applicant Tracking System and a few short-term contracts. Even though most in the industry would consider us competitors, we are not”, states Gerry. The company owners consistently connect on the phone and have frequent lunch meetings because they value each other’s work. “I think our business models are different, so we don’t compete for clients,” states Gerry. Most important to both industry leaders is their mutual trust and respect. “We all believe that we gain more value from sharing our knowledge as opposed to hiding it from each other,” states Gerry.

Throughout Gerry’s relationship with Recruit Action, he has noticed how they separate themselves from their competition. He feels that the company is honest, fun, and wholly client focused. No matter where or how he connects with Recruit Action, he feels the conversation is always open, they always have fun, and the clients value them for how they pay attention to their needs. Gerry finishes by saying, “I think Recruit Action is very savvy, and the fact that they’ve lasted this long in the recruiting business speaks volumes about who they are.”

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