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Annie Trudel describes Recruit Action as dynamic and humble, understanding the market and going the extra step to ensure her company always feels like the number one customer.

Annie Trudel is the Human Resources and Operations Manager at Money Transfer, an international corporation offering diverse money transfers and financial services. Her journey with Ria Money Transfer has been a long and fruitful one. Annie began with the company in November 2001 as a teller and clerk when they were named Rapide Cheque. She was attracted to the company because of the opportunity to work in accounting and customer service. Her reason for enjoying both fields is rooted in her family and education.

Annie grew up outside Montreal and worked at a family business that instilled in her a love of customer interaction. She wanted to learn all the aspects of starting a business, so she studied everything she could at Lasalle College, from human resources to marketing. Annie went on to specialize in accounting at HEC Montreal and worked for many years in this field. However, in accounting roles, Annie missed the human interaction she loved growing up. When Ria Money Transfer offered her a job where she could have both, she jumped at the opportunity.

As a teller and accounting clerk, Annie learned the valuable qualities candidates need to succeed in these positions. She moved up to Supervisor and Manager because of her ability to coordinate effective teams, a skill developed through her years of customer communication. Annie transitioned to human resources because her breadth of company experience means Annie understands the requirements and crucial employee qualities for various roles. She can see beyond the strict job qualifications and anticipate what kind of team players Ria Money Transfer needs.

Twenty-two years onward, Ria Money Transfer is a different place from when she started. In 2009, Ria Money Transfer acquired Rapide Cheque, taking on its current name. Ria  Money Transfer now has offices worldwide and 1,600 agents in Canada, with corporate locations in Quebec and Ontario. Annie is responsible for all Canadian human resource and payroll segments, wearing many different hats as she oversees the substantial human operations within the company.

Human resources is a popular and vital element of Ria Money Transfer’s success. Still, Annie says it was not like this when she started the role: “The human resource department was not that popular at the time. It has grown with the years to ensure employees have a sense of belonging and stay with the company. To do this, we have to offer balance and growth”. Annie works to integrate this proactive ethos into all the different departments of Money Transfer, implementing projects to retain employees and improve growth opportunities.

Annie came to work with Recruit Action because of this shared ethos. Recruit Action Partner Domenic, and Annie trained at the same gym. They met in 2018 when they both sponsored gym activities for their respective businesses. Annie says, “I thought it was a good idea to connect, learn about their business, and build a relationship. Domenic and I have become great friends and business collaborators”, says Annie.

Recruit Action helps fill candidate positions for Ria Money Transfer, such as teller roles, and Annie says their connection-driven approach to recruitment cemented the partnership. “They are always professional, listening to our needs to making sure to find the exact candidate we are looking for,” says Annie. She describes Recruit Action as dynamic and humble, understanding the market and going the extra step to ensure her company always feels like the number one customer.

When Annie talks about Recruit Action, it sounds like she is talking about an old friend. “Every year, Domenic and I meet for lunch. These little things make the biggest difference,” says Annie. Human connection has driven Annie’s career, from her family’s business to leading human resources at Ria Money Transfer. So, it is no surprise she partnered with Recruit Action on these values of friendship and supportive relationships.

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