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Bruce Takefman, Founder & CEO of ResearchFDI, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who launched his company from his bedroom in 2010. He has collaborated with government agencies worldwide for over a decade to secure over $5 billion in international investment.

Bruce creates new jobs in locations around the world. His company’s focus on generating capital investment helps produce new jobs in areas that range from small communities to large cities. Bruce says, “I stumbled into the industry after graduating college.” After graduating from Concordia’s prestigious John Molson School of Business, he worked in a consulting firm for three years before building ResearchFDI following the 2008 financial crash. His three-tiered focus on Strategy and Consulting, Business Intelligence, and Regeneration of Meeting and Match Making has made him an internationally recognized thought leader on foreign direct investment trends and lead generation strategies. His firm currently has seventy-five full-time consultants and vital international collaborators like Recruit Action.

Bruce began working with Recruit Action in 2016 after another competitor recommended the company. He needed a dependable firm to help him locate regenerators and market researchers. “I like how the Recruit Action team is friendly, prioritizes customer service, is open for collaboration, and takes feedback well,” states Bruce. He feels Recruit Action’s human-focused approach makes the entire recruiting process enjoyable. He says, “Recruit Action is the only firm I’ve enjoyed working with because the team cares and takes the time to consider all the recruiting factors.” For example, Bruce recently hired someone recommended by the company that didn’t have a resume that popped. However, Bruce states, “The story information helped me hire her because we got a sense of the human and how she fits within our organization.” Sometimes what is on the resume does not tell a person’s real story.

Bruce feels the last few years have been unprecedented for companies trying to hire and retain exceptional talent. He states, “I think we’ve had to adapt our working conditions to meet the demands of the employees.” However, Bruce feels the looming recession will most likely create several more changes that will be much easier to find quality employees. Some companies have the infrastructure to understand recruiting. However, “It is vital to hire a firm like Recruit Action, a partner that can solidify your recruiting strategy,” says Bruce. ResearchFDI’s strategy to collaborate with Recruit Action has made his hiring process more efficient and cost-effective, and it is why Bruce states, “I would never leave them at this point.”

To learn more about Bruce and ResearchFDI, please visit their website today.

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