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Nancy Romanick is the Talent acquisition and Employment Cycle Manager at Global Excel, and her very first job was with the company as a recruiter. She joined Global Excel in 2013 after completing her university studies in Sherbrooke, deciding to make a home in the city she grew to love with her partner. Global Excel specializes in third-party administration for travel insurance, looking after the claimants and the claims process. Nancy worked in Global Excel’s recruitment team for five years and returned as the recruitment manager after a stint with another business. “I realized Global Excel is the company I want to be in. I like that it is service-oriented, and I look forward to many exciting years,” says Nancy.

When Nancy joined as a recruiter, Global Excel was a small company of only 300 people. Now, they have a few thousand employees globally, with 500 in their Quebec main office alone. Global Excel is a truly international business with offices in Ontario, Miami, Mexico, and

Indonesia. Nancy has played a significant role in expanding the business. When she returned as manager, Nancy built the recruitment team from four staff to twelve to meet the company’s increasing talent requirements. “We recruit everyone from entry roles to VPs. We grew a lot this past year with the world returning to travel. In 2021, we recruited 500 people. Last year, we recruited roughly 900 people,” explains Nancy.

Nancy discovered Recruit Action in her early years at Global Excel when looking for recruitment firms with contact center experience. “It was a lucky find. Contact center recruitment is different from regular recruitment. It is customer service with group work and tight deadlines. There is a lot of turnover, so finding the right people is difficult,” says Nancy. She contacted Recruit Action and commissioned them to find six candidates for Global Excel. Nancy and her team were very impressed with Recruit Action’s selection and saw the potential for a partnership to help with their growing acquisition volume.

In her prior experience, Nancy found that recruitment firms would push candidates who did not fit the role, focusing on quantity rather than quality. “We didn’t feel like they were listening to our needs. They never offered to adjust their process to accommodate or support us in the way we needed,” states Nancy. In contrast, Nancy felt that Recruit Action genuinely listened and actively responded to her team’s needs. “Recruit Action focuses on finding the best fit. They don’t just try to push people. They try to find you the right people,” says Nancy. She appreciated that Recruit Action was attentive and asked additional questions to ensure they fully understood the position requirements.

Recruit Action’s flexibility is another significant benefit for Nancy and her team. Last year, the number of positions Nancy’s team needed to fill doubled from 80 to 160. They had a good candidate pool but could not hire that many people independently. Nancy contacted Maryse at Recruit Action and explained they needed assistance handling the volume. “Maryse really went above and beyond. Recruit Action assisted by interviewing the candidates directly as our hiring managers didn’t have the time. They were flexible in adapting to our needs, which made a huge difference,” explains Nancy. Recruit Action’s efficiency streamlined and supported the workload for Nancy and the talent acquisition team. With their help, assembling a shortlist of candidates did not take long. Nancy valued the quality of Recruit Action’s interviews, the helpful feedback, and their discretion in not offering ill-fitting candidates. “They collaborate with us, which is different from other firms we’ve worked with. Recruit Action listens to understand, which is why they are our number one partner for any of Global Excel’s recruitment needs,” says Nancy.

As Global Excel continues to expand its teams and client base, Nancy is grateful to have a partner like Recruit Action. “Global Excel is a dynamic company, and as Talent Acquisition Manager, I never know what the next year will bring. The ability to call Recruit Action for support is invaluable,” explains Nancy. Above all, Nancy appreciates Recruit Action’s shared values of prioritizing a human approach. “At Global Excel, we genuinely focus on people. We believe in treating our employees and customers well. Recruit Action reflects those values in how they treat others and us as a client, and that makes a difference.”

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