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The importance of being present.

A lot can happen over twelve years.   A human becomes autonomous, a canine lives an entire life, and a company learns how to thrive.  As partners and long-time friends, we discovered that much could change with our business and lives in the twelve years since we’ve launched Recruit Action. So despite what happened in the past or impending uncertainty, our focus has always been on remaining present.

Recruit Action was formed a year after the 2008 financial crisis.  Less than twelve months after, Francois lost his job and welcomed his firstborn.  Two years later, Domenic joined the company as a new partner and a father of his adopted son.  Despite our past challenges and our future uncertainty, we remained focused on building a company that never lost sight of the moment’s importance.

Making a conscious effort to pay attention to people and the events that impact you dramatically changes the nature of your relationships. Our connections are vital to successful recruiting and building a sustainable business.  Our links with others cultivate the bonds needed for lasting cooperation, resiliency, and growth.  However, we’ve learned that you can’t develop a meaningful relationship if you are not present.

We live in a society fraught with potent distractions.  Constant digital marketing, screen media, and the unexpected calamities of life pull our attention away from the people that matter most.  The past two years have underscored how vital relationships are to our personal and professional well-being.  Many of us are still recovering from the isolation and struggling to find a way back to normalcy.  It is naïve to conclude that we’ve been able to erase the lingering worry of the outlook from our minds.  Despite the universal challenges, we have remained committed to learning from the present to progress towards the future. Therefore, we are thrilled to share exciting Recrute Action news that reveals our current progress.


New Mark

First, we have redesigned our Recrute Action logo to reflect our company’s evolution.  The minimalist mark merges the “R” and “A” in our name to highlight our fluid approach to business.  Hidden in the design is our trademark checkmark.  The integrated symbol suggests how we’ve woven our commitment to fulfilling your mandates into the fabric of our business.  The green color subtly illuminates our pledge towards consistent growth.  And, hidden within the logo are triangles, a symbolically sturdy shape built with a strong base supported by two sides.  We feel our new mark effortlessly communicates where Recruit Action started and what it has become.


New Website

Second, we are pleased to present our revamped Recruit Action website. We’ve completely redesigned our web presence to be a frequent destination for our corporate clients, candidate customer, and team.  The website’s design reflects the progression of our logo and highlights value-focused content.  Our goal is to consistently use the website and social media platforms to communicate insightful and relevant information to our clients.  Periodically, you will receive a short survey to complete to continue to improve the worth of our content and services.


New Partner

Finally, we are delighted to introduce our new partner, Kristyn Oleskewycz.  Kristyn is a driven and human-focused team member with nearly five years of industry experience.  Her distinct background spans recruiting for Finance, Customer Service, Administration, HR, Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Disability, and Claims Management.  She is an incredible team captain that radiates success, and we can’t wait to see how she advances our business to new heights.

We invite you to explore our new website and connect with our team.  We look forward to hearing what you think about the latest changes unfolding at Recruit Action.  We are confident that you will find that our experienced team is focused on being present for your needs and will continue to provide the personalized service for which we’re known.  We are always readily available to address any questions you may have and work tirelessly to achieve your objectives.  Recrute Action is the same trusted company fixed on providing the highest quality service and a distinctly human approach devoted to always being present for you.




Domenic and Francois

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