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Relationship matter.

Our relationships with others are fundamental to our survival. Healthy bonds support human development, produce opportunities, and prolong our existence. Whether you are a spouse, partner, parent, or friend, our interpersonal connections strengthen our ability to overcome obstacles and live our best life. Prolific Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub once stated, “Relationships are the only thing that matter in business and life.” We agree with Weintraub and work tirelessly to cultivate healthy relationships with our Recruit Action employees. Whether it is our dinner events to strengthen personal relationships or the R-Club trips to celebrate achievements, we intend for our team members to feel respected, appreciated, and like genuine family members. Companies that value the relationships inside the organization build a strong foundation for growth. However, our success also relies on external relationships with other businesses that provide crucial support.

Strategic partnerships with other companies are often unmentioned by businesses because they want everyone to believe their company can do it all alone. But healthy relationships with supporting companies or consultants provide services that bolster an organization’s ability to focus on its core business to grow stronger. Unfortunately, companies too focused on the bottom line are unaware of how strategic partnerships can assist with challenges outside an organization’s specialization. Business relationships are vital to a company’s longevity as interpersonal relationships are to human existence.

Our business partners, such as Strategic Advisor Claude Dionne, Personal Trainer Tom Begue, and digital partner Tansley, have made Recruit Action more efficient, resilient, and focused. Each business partner provides critical awareness to overlooked aspects of our business or challenges that we don’t have internal resources to address. For example, Claude helped us realize that we needed to implement a self-managed leadership style to empower our team and enable our Partners to focus more on future company strategy and less on day-to-day challenges. Claude was able to see our company from a different perspective and inspire our entire organization to be focused on the same strategic plan. As a result, the employees are taking on more responsibilities in their respective roles, and the Partners are more focused on how to improve and develop the company. In addition, trainer Tom implemented a strategy to keep the Recruit Action team connected and active throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. His empathetic approach and enthusiasm inspired our employees to commit to a healthy plan beyond the mandated remote working environment. Both Claude and Tom helped strengthen our organization and the relationships within it.

Another vital relationship that has helped us communicate our human approach and build brand value is our digital partner, Tansley. Tansley was instrumental in re-branding Recruit Action to express our authentic story. Tansley first redesigned our company logo, identity, and website at the end of 2021. Next, the dedicated strategic and creative team designed and developed our newsletter plan and began managing our Digital Ecosystem channels. Tansley’s support has extended our reach across the digital domain, consistently communicated our authentic brand, and established why Recruit Action is distinct from other recruitment firms.

We feel our strategic business partnerships are as valuable as our relationships with our employees, clients, and candidates. Each partner’s experience, awareness, and expertise have reduced stress, strengthened our team, and bolstered our ability to provide better customer service. Companies often worry that bringing outsiders into a company’s inner circle will cost money and time. However, every business has strengths and limitations that will waste valuable time and resources if its leaders do not recognize the value of support from others.

We have learned that developing business relationships takes time and requires fundamental elements to make them beneficial and lasting. Below is a list of the characteristics we look for in our partners and why we feel they are essential to developing a healthy relationship.

Respect for each other builds a healthy foundation for any relationship because it establishes a shared appreciation.

Trust enables each party to be open and assured that the other always supports their best interests.

Openness empowers each party to genuinely listen to each other’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Curiosity about each other fuels genuine storytelling, ongoing education, and creative ideas that can overcome the most challenging obstacles.

Awareness helps each party realize its strengths and weaknesses, and it creates an honest appreciation that empowers each party to work effectively together.

Every day that we collaborate with our colleagues and strategic business partners, we learn a little more about the value of our relationships. British author Miti Ampoma once stated, “The bedrock of a great business is based on human capital, and that capital is built on human relationships.” Miti beautiful illustrates why it is essential for companies to understand and remind themselves why human connection is the glue that holds a strong business together. No matter how confident you feel, business and life cannot be conquered alone. We all need people to inspire, support, and challenge us to pay attention to what we might not be seeing. When we have a healthy relationship, we realize that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, making us better and more capable of overcoming any challenge.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about why relationships matter to Recruit Action.

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